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Do You Pay Enough Attention to Your Pets?

How much attention does your pet need? Do you have a pet, but are worried you aren’t spending enough time with it? Don’t fret, you’re not the only one!

I live with a roommate and her cat, Mitzy.  My roommate has been gone most of the summer, and she is usually only home for about an hour in the morning to get ready for work during the week. While cats are thought of as low-maintenance pets, I began to wonder if maybe Mitzy hasn’t been getting enough attention.

How Much Attention Does My Pet Need?


A good rule of thumb is that a canine requires about an hour a day to be cared for and played with. That hour includes feeding it and letting it out to use the “restroom.” It also includes exercising, which is very important for your pet. For high-energy animals, such as terriers, retrievers and huskies, you should anticipate spending at least two hours per day being attentive to your dog.


While felines may not seem as high maintenance as dogs, they still need attention! Spend about an hour with your kitty every day. This time includes feeding it, brushing its fur, playtime and cuddling with it. Indoor cats especially need to have interaction and exercise to keep them from becoming overweight and skittish.


This type of pet includes rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs. Out of all those different animals, the two that need the most attention are rats and guinea pigs. Rats are actually very social pets and should be handled everyday by their owner. Likewise, guinea pigs like to play with their owners to get their exercise. On average, owners should probably spend about 30-45 minutes per day with these rodents.

Schedule time into your day to spend with your pet; it will make both you and your animal happy!

How do you fit “pet-time” into your day? Tell us in the comment section!

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